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baklava for breakfast

We are finally out of Asia! Letting go of updating this blog while on the road was a relief for both of us, since we’ve been so busy with travel, packing, unpacking, optimizing our gear, and so forth, not to mention all the classes and sightseeing we’ve been doing. The final nail in the coffin […]

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3 Weeks At Sea – Part 1: Spaaaaace Madness!

[September 15 – October 8, 2012] We began our slow trip to the east with a 23 night cruise from Vancouver, Canada to Tianjin, China aboard the Diamond Princess. I had mixed feelings about supporting the cruise industry, but curiosity won out; I wanted to experience it rather than scoff in ignorance my whole life. […]

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in the pacific northwest

[5-13 September, 2012] After a brief overnight in Eugene we went right on to Portland, Oregon. Incidentally, this was our fifth Days Inn on the trip – I highly recommend them if you are traveling with a pet. Their pet policy varies a little from place to place (sometimes it’s free, sometimes it’s a small […]

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the redwoods

[August 28 – September 3] The drive North out of the Bay Area was far more pleasant than most of the drive to get to California. The 101 was friendly and mellow; we caught an early Indian lunch in San Rafael, then wound our way up through Mendocino where we steadily saw more trees and […]

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the bay area

Heather and I just made it across the ocean and are stopping briefly in the port of Muroran. We’re sitting on the sidewalk right outside some art store that offers free WiFi. Meanwhile, here’s the next step of my trip recap: [August 19 – 27, 2012] After crossing into California, we slowed our pace up […]

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roadtrip, phase 1

Wow, we’ve been so busy that we haven’t had time to post anything! There’s been a ton of transit, last minute gear acquisition/tweaking, and visiting with friends and loved ones that we haven’t had time to write it all. Currently we’re stopped in Anchorage for our last hour on US soil until we board a […]

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