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baklava for breakfast

We are finally out of Asia! Letting go of updating this blog while on the road was a relief for both of us, since we’ve been so busy with travel, packing, unpacking, optimizing our gear, and so forth, not to mention all the classes and sightseeing we’ve been doing. The final nail in the coffin […]

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blog updates, or a lack thereof

Things have been a little hectic over here, even though we’ve had some long stays in various places. Neither of us was entirely ready with our gear and we’ve also been planning next stops as we go, so much of our “spare time” has been taken up with necessary shopping and travel planning. Aside from […]

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welcome to the blank canvas

Ah a new site, and a new collection of decisions to make. Two strong minded perfectionist designer types¬†embarking on the adventure of internet co-authorship, with its many joys and perils. We considered drawing wireframes. I almost started making a mockup. Then I decided to just go straight to making content with some design by committee […]

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