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3 Weeks At Sea – Part 1: Spaaaaace Madness!

[September 15 – October 8, 2012] We began our slow trip to the east with a 23 night cruise from Vancouver, Canada to Tianjin, China aboard the Diamond Princess. I had mixed feelings about supporting the cruise industry, but curiosity won out; I wanted to experience it rather than scoff in ignorance my whole life. […]

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the end of the road

[10 September, 2012] A bit of a segue: I’ve avoided writing about a situation that was present during the road trip. My lovely lorikeet, Midori, was diagnosed with malignant melanoma earlier in the year. She survived dangerous surgery performed by my awesome vet in Austin in late May to remove a throat tumor that threatened […]

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guardians at the gate

Actually getting out of town is hard work. Trip preparation has taken far longer than planned, all sorts of unexpected delays have cropped up, and we kept wanting to see our friends and loved ones “one last time”. Without going into gory detail, over the last few months we updated our house to code and […]

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words, words, words

It amazes me to observe how much my psyche is tied up in my books. With the upcoming trip I’ll have to put my ebooks into storage, so it seems prudent to get rid of ones that I won’t be needing in the future. I’ve also got my Kindle, which I absolutely love, and part […]

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