baklava for breakfast

fancy piles of Turkish Delight

fancy piles of Turkish Delight in Istanbul

We are finally out of Asia! Letting go of updating this blog while on the road was a relief for both of us, since we’ve been so busy with travel, packing, unpacking, optimizing our gear, and so forth, not to mention all the classes and sightseeing we’ve been doing. The final nail in the coffin was extraordinarily poor Internet access in our last couple destinations.

We’ve been taking an insane number of photos and both of us have been writing up a lot our reflections offline, so we have lots of fodder for eventual posts on our travels in Asia. The plan is to eventually publish them on here once we have settled down a bit. I’ve also been posting some of my photos over on my my flickr stream, so feel free to go check that out if you’re interested. It’s still many months behind, but I’ll be continuing to update it as we go.

Ideally, I would be sticking photos here, but the WordPress photo tools are, plainly put, godawful. There is no sane way to set up photos for batch processing offline, and I got sick of spending precious Internet time frantically trying to get the metadata of small handfuls of photos working right. With flickr I can process photos when I’m offline and then just bulk load them all at once and they magically act more or less the way I’d like them to.

a healthy start to the day

a healthy start to the day

Anyway, back to the actual subject: here in Istanbul we bought a silly amount of balkava and Turkish delight yesterday afternoon near Taksim square, mainly so we could try all the (slightly) different flavors. Since it’s a lazy rainy morning, it’s great to have a bunch of pastry sitting around waiting to be devoured while we mobilize.

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